A Leader’s Journey in the Hearth Industry

“In the heart of the fireplace and chimney industry, I am a third-generation fireplace enthusiast, a founder deeply rooted in the tradition of sweeping chimneys, and a leader committed to building our team and the industry at large.”

Byron Schramm, Founder and CEO in the Fireplace Industry

My History

With two decades of hands-on experience and a family legacy dating back over three generations, I stand at the helm of the largest chimney sweep franchise system in the United States, a venture that has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in our field. Our presence spans over 10 states, supported by a robust lead generation system and a customer support scheduling center that not only receives and handles requests but elevates the entire customer experience nationwide.

What fuels my passion is not just the business itself but the transformative moments it brings. Witnessing a new fireplace being installed, overseeing the removal and upgrade of an old woodstove, and implementing thoughtful changes that enhance our services bring immeasurable satisfaction. The joy lies not just in sweeping chimneys but in doing it right, from marketing strategies to the final inspection report.


Beyond the daily operations, my commitment extends to nurturing new small business owners who join our franchise. Working alongside a team of executives who share the same zeal for the industry, I take pride in fostering an environment where innovation and dedication thrive. Training new chimney sweeps with my Chimney 101 presentation on their first day is not just a duty but a passion to pass on the expertise and values that define our success.

Investing in the growth of our team is a cornerstone of my leadership philosophy. I consistently sponsor courses, both online and in person, for our executives, ensuring they stay ahead in their field. Thousands of dollars are allocated annually to train and develop the talents within our organization, keeping them competitive and aligned with our vision.

Our commitment goes beyond business to societal impact. Providing opportunities to individuals unfamiliar with certain tasks or roles has resulted in several franchise owners now overseeing multi-truck operations, proving that with the right support, anyone can rise to leadership.

Supporting mothers working from home has been a longstanding practice in our scheduling center. Accommodating and empowering women with children to contribute to our business from the comfort of their homes is not just a policy; it’s a commitment to babies and mothers and fathers, a commitment to the family.

Looking to the Future

The future shines bright with a eight-year runway on a US Biomass Tax Credit, encouraging customers nationwide to invest in high-efficiency wood-burning and pellet-burning appliances. This translates to increased installations, chimney system replacements, and sweeping services—areas where our company excels.

My vision is clear: to lead the labor side of the hearth industry by creating cutting-edge training systems, promoting technician advancement, and recognizing accomplishments. I aspire for our company to be a symbol of the hardworking men and women who install and sweep America’s chimneys. In doing so, we don’t just maintain fireplaces; we ignite a passion for excellence and innovation in our industry.